About Us

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  We are an art studio specializing in Paint by Numbers and Custom Paint by Numbets kit.
  Founded in Los Angeles, CA.
  Our artists use scientific methods and digital tools to express professional painting in a simple way.
  Even for anyone who does not have any art foundations; while it’s easy to complete a professional art work and also enjoy the joy of being     an artist.

Texture of Dreams
From Southern California. Inspired by more than 20 graphic and oil painting designers . All products are produced in the United States.When you purchase a piece from Texture of Dreams, you can feel confident that it was produced with top-notch craftsmanship and high-quality material. All of our pieces are stock fine art that you can customize to any look and size of your liking. Whether it be your home or your office, it’s important to love the look and feel of your surroundings. No matter your style or preference, we guarantee that you can find the perfect piece to decorate any wall you choose.Headquartered in South California, Texture of Dreams currently operates two large-scale printing facilities, strategically located across the United States of America. This allows Texture of Dreams to compete with the best in the Earth and offer Amazon Prime  2-Day or 3-5 Days Shipping anywhere in the USA.