About Us

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         Have you ever wanted to be an artist? Let us help you!

We are Texture of Dreams; an art studio specializing in Paint by Numbers kits and Custom Paint by Numbers kits.

Founded in Los Angeles and head-quartered in Sunny Southern California Texture of Dreams employs more than 20 graphic and oil painting designers using the latest technology and digital tools. All our products are produced in the United States with top-notch craftsmanship and using the best high-quality materials. Even if you have not gone to Art school we help you to create a professional looking work of Art and to experience the joy and satisfaction of a budding Artist!

We at Texture of Dreams believe that whether it is in your home or your office it's important to love the look and feel of your surroundings. All of our pieces are stock fine art that you can customize to any look and any size that you desire and, no matter your style or personality, we guarantee that you will find the perfect piece to decorate any wall you choose. 

Texture of Dreams also specializes in Customized Paint by Numbers kits! Do you have a favorite photo that you would like to turn into a piece of Art? Whether it be of family, your favorite pet, a special moment or holiday, we can turn your photo into a Paint by Numbers kit for you to paint and enjoy! 

At Texture of Dreams we hope to invoke in our customers the Inspiration and Passion of our team of Artists and Designers and to share our love of Art and Beauty. To impart into you our joy and our pride in our work! We want our customer to know that we treat each and every order with the utmost respect and care. We feel our Quality and service is unmatched by any other in the business!