Tips for choosing photos

Posted by maurizio barbieri on

Texture of Dreams design team has more than ten years of designing experience, most photos will be perfectly made into Paint by Numbers kit. To make it easier for both you and us, please read the following tips when it comes to photo choosing.
1. Try to choose a photo where the main subject can take the most proportion of the canvas. If the subject is too small, many details will be lost, and it may even be incomplete.
2 We recommend to order one size up for family photos or if there are more than 4 people. Otherwise, the number range will be very small, or even the numbers will not fit properly, and it will make the whole canvas difficult to achieve.
3. Try to choose good lighting photos. Dark photos when the person is in a shadow or in low light conditions may cost detail loses and color inaccuracy.
4. Try to choose high-definition photos.
5. Try to choose a photo with a simpler background. If the background is too complex, it will make it difficult for you to paint.


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