Choosing Wall Art for the Home

Choosing Wall Art for the Home

One of the most time consuming and important part of decorating your home is having to pick out wall art that fits your home design.

Picking an art piece that mirrors your interests, personality and style and making sure that it fits with the rest of your home decor is a head scratching tasks that requires some research.

I will go over the most important aspects of choosing wall art to make it a little easier for you when you decide to go through the process.


What Does It Look Like in Your Mind?

One of the most important aspects of choosing wall decor is considering what the room will be used for, this way you can match your wall art to the mood of the room.

Is this a room you will be spending a lot of time with by yourself or will you be sharing the time with family? Is it a room where you will be entertaining people or is this room just meant for your own family time. Answering these questions will help you clear up any doubts you may have over choosing a certain piece of art. 

A good example of what you may consider the room to be is will you be using the room to wine and dine? If so then maybe the best idea would be to place art pieces that fit that mood, maybe a canvas displaying a wine bottle and a couple of glasses, or if it is just a dining room then maybe the best fit would be to place a couple fruit and vegetable pieces to match the activity.

At this point you can start to decide whether you may want to add a black and white piece to add a certain tone that won’t take over the room, or something colorful to catch the eye.


Choosing a Style

You can choose something that resembles a fine art piece or something more grounded in reality which would include may be placing a photograph. 

Some colored photographs you may be able to match the color of the room, while black and white photos can match pretty much any room color and can work aesthetically with the rest of the decorations.

Depending on your taste some photographs maybe lean towards a more contemporary look rather than a vintage one.


Displaying Art and Where to Place it

So you finally picked a piece that suits your personality and maybe also matches the feel of the room enough that you feel comfortable buying it, so where do you place it now? Some people prefer to hang an art piece at the midpoint of a wall so as to match the symmetry of the room on both sides.

Others like to place them at “hot spots” around the house something like directly within the eye level of a doorway or lined up at an eye view of where the kitchen bar is or maybe in front of a dining room table.

If the wall space is large enough you may have chosen a three piece canvas to fill a large amount of wall space, but if you have a small to medium wall, you may choose to go with a smaller piece to accommodate the wall space.